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Retail supplement growth is exploding.

The global vitamin and supplement market is currently $60 billion and growing 15% annually. Capitalize on your sales experience, retail store location or existing clientele to increase your revenue by providing in-demand Alpha Neurogenics neutraceutical products that are proudly "Made in the USA".

Become an Alpha Neurogenics retailer or distributor today and take advantage of the huge market potential.

Alpha Neurogenics products are designed for individuals with different lifestyles, from active adults, to hard-core athletes and health-conscious seniors. Because Alpha Neurogenics products are packaged in 30-day supplies, they are great way to create an ongoing income stream with upsell potential into your other products and/or supplements.

Alpha Neurogenics products are packaged for retail, have a small footprint for counter display at the cash register and include UPC codes for easy customer check out.

Mega Mind Maximum Brain Formulation is packaged in sealed retail boxes containing 30 daily packs, which can be displayed in the vitamin aisle or small checkout displays.

Alpha Neurogenics CBD product line is available in three retail boxed tincture formulations, with a small retail footprint, perfect for behind the counter or at checkout displays.

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